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Sony XBR65X850E Review – The Perfect 4k LED TV Now With 50% More XBR!



  1. Almost went with the 850E, but was skeptical about the build quality vs the 900e. The frame of the 850e has some flex in it but none in the 900e. Found a great deal on an open box 65x900e and very pleased with the purchase.

  2. Is there anyway for me to put the brightness/contrast/Light up?maybe to look kind of like the 900E
    Or a little lighter?someone please help me .

  3. I'm leaning towards buying this tv or the 900e over the Samsung Mu6300 or Mu7000. I haven't purchased a new tv in over 8 years. Tv tech has come a long way.

  4. Mr. David Sacino

    Hey, thanks the review. I have the Samsung MU8000 but find it cloudy for watching sports.
    I may take it back and buy the Sony 850E. I watch lots of hockey and movies.

  5. Thank you appreciate your review 😍

  6. Do colors still look good when in room with Windows? How is side view viewing?

  7. Is it worth returning my 55x900e for the 65x850e

  8. r u using it as a rubber ducky picture frame? If you're reviewing a tv, it might make sense to show video and demo brightness, sharpness, color rendition, contrast, how black are the black areas ….. you know, the usual reasons we want to see a review of!

  9. Just bought one from Costco. Can’t wait to set it up.

  10. Does this support dolby vision?

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