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Sony XD93 (X930D) 4K HDR TV Video Review



  1. ItaloDiscoFreak77

    I have a question regarding input lag, I know that this TV offers one of the best in terms of quality 4k movies but what about if you playing Xbox One or Playstation 4? I have heard that the input lag is a problem on Sony TV devices?

  2. Thanks for your review, you should emphasize on the fact the 3D Crosstalk is absolutely AWFUL on this set (and actually all the international variations). 3D Blu-Ray Movies are UNWATCHABLE. Far from what they claim to be '3D Super resolution'. This is totally unacceptable from the company who used to be the one to push 3D since 2010. This could be fixed with a firmware update but they are extremely slow and don't even admit the problem so far.

  3. Hi you guys is it worth it calibrating a tv when you have bought it.

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