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TCL 4K Roku TV Review



  1. how is the os on the tv. if I have my cable box set up well I have to navigate to it's HDMI port every time I turn on the tv?

  2. im in the market for watching 4k flowers, but was debating between this and the Hisense H8C. I think ill go with this one!!! cant wait to watch flowers in 4k!

  3. Lesmanys Bravobolufe

    this tv is 4k and hdr?

  4. I hear this is a roku first… tv second. Being objective what would you recommend: this or the hisense h8c?

  5. you should do video of js8500 on it its own and let us all know watch you like an think of it now i hear its got 10 bit screen an good color gamut an all its close to oled deep blacks jet inky blacks picture quality an rich detail amazing picture quality for Samsung 4k tv and good for gaining on budget and good for hdr now with updats an all

  6. do video on un48js8500 i own both un48js8500 an un55js8500 and its beast picture quality with deep dark jet inky blacks close to oled and amazing rich picture quality do video of Samsung js8500 4ktv

  7. so basically i should buy this if i wanna watch flowers bloom in 4k, ok.

  8. The Roku function alone is worth $50, because even if you bought a tv without it, the stick is $50

  9. and for console gaming?

  10. JesusSavedJoshua

    still no idea which budget 4k is approved by you…sigh

  11. may the lowest bidder take over the econemy-_-

  12. there gonna invade like japanese cars did

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