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TCL 50″ 4K TV Overview and Review

Here is my review of the TCL 50″ 4K UHD TV. Thanks for watching and please subscribe more content to come! UPDATE!! This TV is missing something important for future 4K content HDCP 2.2. Checkout my other TCL 50″ video for more info.


  1. ok ty about wireless head phone but what 1 powerful 4 my tcl tv

  2. Anybody know how to hook a sound bar to it

  3. like this boring

  4. boring

  5. boring

  6. I GOT a question how do you make it louder

  7. Can i recored games while i am playing…?

  8. screen won't turn on 40'' tv tcl

  9. FYI i bought this for $850 in australia last week from harvey norman (on special)

  10. Freddie De La Rosa

    How do I use the media? Can u play music from my phone on it?

  11. Vivalaliberty000

    I payed $450 :p

  12. So I just got that tv today my ? To u is does it upscale from HD cable to 4k

  13. how you like the tv i might get it next week

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