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TCL L40FHDF11TA Review



  1. hows the tv holding up? i picked up my buddies.

  2. i LMAO when you said, "this remote is a fucking piece of shit"xD

  3. Thank you for your review, it was very detailed and obviously real. Do you still use this tv, is it still working?

  4. Aaron Alexander

    i have.the 48 inch tcl good for the price

  5. Trapdnmymynd4eva

    haha funny review. tv is amazing but the remote f*cking sucks haha. ill be buying a 55" tcl led 240hz tv for bout $600. gonna buy the 4 yr protection too for under $100. cant beat it. was gonna buy a 60" refurbished vizio smart led 120hz but with 4 yr plan and shipping was gonna be almost $1000.

  6. Resolution is good BUT it's the refresh rates that matters

  7. Mine has almost 2 years and works as first day, this is a great HDTV.

  8. Does it still work?

  9. TheGreatJuicebox

    Is it still working now?

  10. is it have a light bleed , like in black screen you see the back light .

  11. PointBlankTargets

    yes ofcourse

  12. does this tv still works

  13. PointBlankTargets

    yes u can

  14. LOL i like the description of the tv remote xD

  15. sorry bro but you dont get a cold from the heat :), all good though and awesome review!

  16. How's the tv, do you still have it?

  17. thanxx man dis video is really helpful TCL is the ultimate gaming tv

  18. I have this tv, I don't have any problem with my remote, I dropped it a lot of times and it still works.

  19. can it be hooked to the wall?

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