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TCL L40FHDP60: dirt cheap, no brainer – First Look



  1. How big is it? ;)´╗┐

  2. did anyone notice the constant flashing everytime they showed the tv?? Do they actuall present this problem´╗┐

  3. 30 second ads for a video that's barely a 1 min, OMG

  4. dont be stereotypical =D

  5. Why? Just about every thing is made from there.

  6. i guess you said so because you are korean,if i am right then i will tell you that the quality of ur products are really bad!!! i bought a sumsung and it stoped working only a couple of weeks,shame on u guys.

  7. Trapdnmymynd4eva

    I just bought the 55" one. should get it within the next 9 days and really excited to test it out.

  8. Kimchee bastard

  9. MickeyLovesIceCream

    TCL = RCA (USA)

  10. do a review on the TCL 55 inch 1080p 240hz

  11. Holy British TEETH!

  12. I'll keep wearing my Lucky Jeans which are made right here in the USA then… You can find made in the USA stuff. Plus, China isn't the ONLY place this stuff is made. I'm not saying everything has to come from the USA, just NOT China. I try my best, but you're right, it's hard! If we all try a little, think what we'll do for the US and other nations economies!

  13. >> CCFL

    HAHAHA! How very humorous. But seriously, no.

  14. His teeth when he was cackling <<<<

  15. It's not easy I'll grant you that, but there ARE things made in other countries. I try to buy US made when possible, but many other countries treat their people well. S. Korea, Europe, Canada, UK… There's actually a flat screen TV manufacturer in the US!!!

  16. how can u buy anything on this planet that is not made in china?

  17. lol, did anybody else notice the two times they used reversed footage?

  18. Not bad for a lesser known brand the way i see it is unless you have personally seen this tv and can comment on how bad it is, then talk shit about it until you have..

  19. so tem eu de brasileiro aqui????

  20. Look at that bezel! Enormous!

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