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TCL S-Series 4K HDR Roku TV 55S405 – HUGE GIVEAWAY! #CutTheCordDay



  1. I have a xbox one x and am always on it is this a good tv for that

  2. I love that you are doing giveaways ahah. TV is nice but this company is not so famous tho. I'll search about it.

  3. rich people plan for three generation poor people plan for Saturday night bro I need 4k tv because it is my dream tv 😞

  4. Better install and calibrate it quick!

  5. You talked so much and rarely showed the TV.

  6. Super Store is a great TV show.

  7. Landon Tapscott

    Does this offer HDR10?

  8. Just noticed i have that shirt

  9. Daniel Silveira

    VIZIO M 65' or or Samsung 65' MU 8000 ? I'm between these 2?🤔

  10. Does it support HDR 10?

  11. Why nothing about the tv ?

  12. RapperStatusEnt

    Superb Tv! I love the HDR 10 on this Tv! And the 4k but the HER in this one is outstanding I give this Tv 9.5 out of 10

  13. and i am a 12 year. old and. my birthday is in 6 more days

  14. i need a tv for my Xbox

  15. You look like dak Prescott lol

  16. Just bought it yesterday and omg it has hdr and its everything i wanted for 395$ ps4 pro lookd amazing

  17. Can you mirror stuff from mobile devices like lg with this set. Looking at 49S403

  18. $398.00 before tax at the Walmart I work at I'm getting it real soon.

  19. Which would be the best conection TV to A/v? HDMI arc or optical to the A/V? a few apps like HBO and amazon has 5.1 so my concern is if one offer more, less or equal sound quality than the other.

  20. I heard the roku tv is really good all hear about the amazon element tv that its bland and sucks

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