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TCL S405 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) Review



  1. So if it boots up that fast I believe its got to be slow on things it does.

  2. Very helpful.. thanks for the information..

  3. The real uploader, this channel uploaded this dude's video in 360p not 1080p watch the real one instead. https://youtu.be/r8BeBHN0oB4

  4. Anakin Skywalker

    efing waste ma time DAB

  5. How does Xbox one x look on here

  6. Hello, for Xbox, do I need to get the Digital Antenna with it, or does it have built-in wifi to connect?

  7. I want to ask , if you still own this TV how well is it holding up ?

  8. Manaan Kunyaboon

    TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) Price…goo.gl/1dPRUQ

  9. So now that you’ve had the tv for a few months or so have you had any issues with the product?

  10. Yo dude where are you fucking cords? You just got a floating TV.

  11. Ha ha I will never see a hair different when this video top off at 360p smh … idiot

  12. Its true

  13. This is $300 and I'm definitely going to get it. Thanks for the recommendation

  14. What the hell? This is an Aqua Myst video. Is there a deal between you guys or did you literally just steal a video? He isn't credited anywhere.

  15. Does it have 4 screws on the back so i can attached it to my tv stand? (I know silly questions coming from a video that have a wall-mount) lol xD

  16. TCL sell trash they break or blackout after 4or 5 months and then you have to fuss and fight them to honor the warranty

  17. Bought one of these for my mother because its her birthday. Thanks for making this video.

  18. Would this tv upscale from 1080p?

  19. Watching on a 1080p camera, playback is 360p

  20. It's the best gaming/PC TV ATM too. 43" version is perfect.

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