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Tech Review: Insignia 32” Class Roku TV



  1. love the tv

  2. Does this tv spy on you like the samsungs?

  3. i want to know how the gaming input is and if its good for that

  4. I want to add youtube to my insignia 32 " smart tv. How can i do it?

  5. I just got one today, I wonder why the Amazon video does not have autoplay function for playing the next episode?? Do you have the same problem? thank you!

  6. julio “mrthrashguy69” garcia

    Your mom worth even more than $200 give her a bigger one

  7. Is it good for gaming?

  8. That TV's so small, dude!

  9. So…. Your a 50+ year old man and your going to ask your mom to buy a $200 tv for you -_-

  10. Hi!!! excelent video…it has native youtube??..thanks.

  11. Great review. Honest and to the point. I actually asked Roku how the performance of the integrated electronics was as compared to the box or stick and they could not tell me. Your review has done that. Thanks.

  12. I just got my order. WOW! I've been a Samsung and LG customer for 10 years and this TV exceeded my expectation. Very crisp picture and quality and very good sound quality! Thanks. 

  13. if I was to get cable like Comcast or direct or another cable network will it work on this tv

  14. How's the picture of it?

  15. Happy you liked the Insignia Roku TV

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