1. Michael Douglas

    Thank you I didn't know if I was supposed to peel off the blue and red stickers

  2. Thanks for a very badly produced video. Invest in tripod and some basic prep before u start shooting… Friendly tip

  3. Lol I'm gettin one!!!!!

  4. Oh why can't I find that app?? Is that because of new version of firmware or what? (Mine is series 6 f6400)

  5. Thanks for the info!!! 

  6. OMG Thnx Sooooooo Much.. 

  7. Hekuran Dalipi

    i need help…

    i have downloaded avatar 3d blu-ray and have SHARP AQUOS TV with 3D + 3D Glasses and have GTX660i 2GB Ram

    so how to configure?? i tryed a lot but there is just a littel problem i enable everything from TV and activate Glasses and than the movie its not clear at all do i have to configure VLC or something else?

  8. thankx this video helped me to use the 3d glasses

  9. @98Rx | #وداعاً

    Hello i have Samsung ES8000

    But if i want turn on the 3D i can't !

    Why ? can u help me .. ?

  10. explore 3d or 3d world

  11. Mohamed Madridista

    whats the name of the app that you used to get 3d videos

  12. I have this tv

  13. Lorenzo Hakizimana

    I have it im so lucky

  14. I want to watch TV and see those glasses 3D WITHOUT species.

  15. samsung d8000 tv has the amazing picture but lg passive (movie-theater style) 3d effect is better 3d than samsung. right now i'm lovin lg googletv which i did a review on it check it out on my tampatec channel- lg playlist 8^)

  16. hey please tell me. i am planning to buy a 3d tv. is samsung 3d depth so high mean which is best samsung or lg.

  17. Tamerlane (Timur)

    4 3D glasses comes in the box and they are amazing

  18. yes most do, unless you bought it used or refurbished tv. 8^)

  19. Hi there, i've just bought a SAMSUNG UE65F8000 Smart 3D 65" LED TV and I am waiting for delivery. Does this come with 2 of those 3D glasses u just showed me?

  20. Mohamad Khalil Hamieh

    thanks for the good information , so what shall I do in my Samsung smart tv now ? can I do any thing to solve this ?

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