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The All New 4K Ultra HD Hisense 65 Inch Monitor



  1. washington luis

    Hi just got my Hisense k700 4K . Got one question when watching 4K content from YouTube in 4K 60frame per second the tv info says that only is displaying 1920:1080 p that is correct or is a problem with my TV and should a return it to the shop ??? Please let me know

  2. washington luis

    Waiting for a review I want to get one but wold be nice to see a video about it on the channel first . The model that is showing above is not the models that are on the uk market at moment it is very sad that Hisense is not giving attention to the tv marketing . I will be glad to make a review about the 700 model when I get my . And would be nice if Hisense wants me to review they TVs on my channel .

  3. The review does appear to be more a Commercial for Vizio

  4. washington luis

    When are going to show the new model that is on sale in uk at moment the 65" 700 model

  5. washington luis

    I'm about to buy one hisense 65 " 4K 3D tv . But a got one question this panel can do 2d to 3D conversion ???? Thanks

  6. Hi I am lookin to buy the new uled model but I have a question in the USA someone has purchased a h10b and in the UK your about to release the xt910 uled are these the same tvs or different please could you clarify thanks

  7. quiero una de 85" precio y donde la compro?

  8. quiero una de 85" precio y donde la compro?

  9. Awesome looking Monitor, always loved HiSense kit. Llet me know if you would like me to provide me with one and i'll review it for you :)

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