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The Best 4K OLED TV Ever? LG 65EG9600 Review!


LG 42LF652V Smart 42 Inch TV with webOS

  • Ultra HD 4K streaming with 4K upscaler
  • IPS 4K panel with magic remote
  • Ultra clarity index
  • Ribbon plate stand
  • Full HD resolution
  • Smart TV with webOS
  • Multi channel speaker system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
Making TV Simple Again. LG's award winning Smart TV webOS platform revolutionises the way you watch and experience entertainment on your UHD TV. Free from the complexities of advanced technology, you can now enjoy Smart TV the way it is supposed to be, simple and intuitive, bringing together some of the best catch-up TV, movies, sport and music services. Whatever you wish to watch, find, launch, or play, you can do it easily with webOS, the efficient and user-friendly Smart TV designed with you


Ultra Black Adults Passive 3D Glasses available in Packs of 1 2 3 4 or 5 universal in a wraparound style for all Passive TVs Cinema and Projectors such as RealD Toshiba LG Panasonic and more (3 Pairs)

  • 3D Glasses Universal for TV, Projector, Cinema and pubs
  • Polarized to reduce glare and increase picture clarity
  • UV Ray Transmittance 380nm
  • Polarized axis
  • Circular polarized
These 3D Glasses bring you the power of spectacular, cinema quality 3D images in the comfort of your own home. Available in packs of 1,2,3,4 or five offering great value, these are Black in colour and lightweight wrap around 3D glasses are affordable enough to outfit the entire family, even friends - perfect for 3D sporting, movie or concert events. Avilable in packs of 1 2 3 4 or 5 pairs Universal passive glasses that will work with all passive 3D Tvs including LG, Toshiba, Son

List Price: £10.99 Price: £10.99


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  1. All this hype about 4k until 8k,another hype just like Galaxy 1,2,3,4,5,6 blah blah blah

  2. best is relative meaning everyone has a different experience with different products and manufactures.

  3. This is 25000€

  4. What about watching Soccer or playing PS4 ? Any DSE or Banding ?

  5. Reginaldo Ferreira Junior


  6. Lives in a shitty apartment, has 4 thousand dollars plus TV :/

  7. +iTwe4kz are you going to review the LG G6 signature??

  8. What's the point of a curved TV? Seems weird to me.

  9. "deeper and darker blacks".
    Me: (while black people are on, sarcastically) Damn that's pretty black…

  10. hes f..king rasist hahaha

  11. same screen as my amoled on my galaxy note

  12. no 120 or 240hz?

  13. had to go to africa to find the deepest darkest blacks.

  14. Deeper blacks are very important.

  15. That black joke was fucking savage bro 😂😂

  16. When I saw this at the store it looked amazing 

  17. Christopher O'Grady

    There are 3 main display types, LCD, Plasma, and OLED. The way to summarise the 3 is:
    LCD- efficient, bright, cheap, non reflective, can't produce black. Plasma- Drinks electricity like water, amazing contrast and picture quality, can produce black. OLED- The best of both worlds, the infinite contrast of a plasma, and the efficiency of an LCD.
    Up until OLEDs getting affordable I've always been a Plasma guy, I'll happily put up with a few more watts for dat contrast ratio. That's why OLEDs are such a big deal, colour saturation and contrast are more important than resolution.

  18. Can't wait for the 8k tv to get here. I'll skip the 4k altogether.

  19. Is it true these are only 60 fps? I'm looking to test 120 fps later this year.

  20. i just hate the input lag on the OLED'S! like 55-50ms thats so so bad for gaming
    samsung have a really great input lag 21ms on the js9500/9000 (( great for a big tv not a monitor ))
    im about to buy a 65" tv .. 8 days left for the CES .. i wish samsung to join the OLED market
    they really care for gamers so i think they will make an oled tv that have the best input lag in the market

    if you are a gamer then the oled tv's right now sucks for fast games
    CES will be our hope this year!

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