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The Best Gaming Monitor: BenQ XL2420T Unboxing and Review



  1. facepalm…why would you play cod on a pc!?

  2. Hi, Im a noob but hows the monitor aside from gaming? like say watching movies. I'm getting a x51 supremacy with upgraded video cards. First time buying gaming pcs and monitors btw !!

  3. Does it have HDMI?

  4. yiannis demetriou

    i have a 144hz monitor

  5. theflyletmepetit

    1337 illuminati

  6. Very noob question but, when people say 60 frames per sec. what does that mean?

  7. How many inches?

  8. Insanity™| CoD And More

    rich u have got astros m8

  9. Benq Xl2430T OR BENQ XL2420T OR BENQ XL2411Z

  10. did you put your setup in a classroom?

  11. Is it good for xbox 360 and one ?

  12. I think this one is too small for me to play, anyone can recomend me other monitor as good as this one but with an higher screen?

  13. You don't get the 3D glasses with it?

  14. Do you need a pc to power the benq???

  15. Coolissim0 Unl1mited

    Hi mate what size is the other monitor?


  17. Can anyone help me? I need to know which of these monitors is the best?
    benQ XL2420Z or benQ XL2420T or benQ XL2411Z or ASUS VG248QE 24?

  18. Invest in a new cameraman.

  19. does it work with windows 10?

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