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Time Warner Roku Cable TV App Review & Demo



  1. Do u get your local channels on the app

  2. vjxpiro Bonilla

    What about if I don't have the cable box 

  3. Are you on wifi or wired into your router ?

  4. Well i don't have time warner cable so boo me but I have another app I watch live tv on my roku for zero.

  5. Juan Jorge Afiune

    Hello Steve
    Thank you very much for your video, this great I loved it.
    I also have one roku I live here in Monterrey Mexico and here no TWC service. could you help me get a TWC account ID to see the same programming from Mexico
    I can pay a monthly fee. thanks

  6. I have twc account for my internet bill, can that work the roku???

  7. Can you get the Travel Channel on your Roku from Time Warner?

  8. Hey Steve …can you review GIGANETTV FOR ME …LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

  9. Shantella Brown

    Do u have to have cable frm timewarner

  10. I bought Roku so I could cancel my expensive cable bill.  but I can not play TWC because it is not available in my area zip code.  What false advertising.   I also tried to activate A&E it said I needed a TV provider… it did not show Comcast or Xfinity.  How can I watch my favorite tv without activation??????

  11. I'm definitely getting some Rokus up in my apt…after I buy a TWC digital box.

  12. @miklo247…well the Roku device works with the wifi. I don't think u need the internet from TWC.

  13. Question, does my internet service provider need to be twc?

  14. how much is the time warner service

  15. randymatsunaga

    Just purchased a roku 2 xd, I only have an internet account with TWC do you think it's sufficient to watch it with my roku?

  16. Steve, I was actually able to find the answer to my question in one of your replies to someone else. Thanks.

  17. Is the coaxial cable from the wall plugged into the roku box? Hopefully it won't slow down my internet bandwidth if it has to be used via internet.If so, it might be a way for TWC to get people to go for internet Extreme to profit even more. The vid is great and was just what I was looking for regarding certain questions I had. Thanks. 🙂

  18. HaShomer ShelTorah

    Can I just have Time Warner internet service and no cable TV service for this to work? Or do I need basic cable TV service along with my internet?

  19. I have TWC Cable but I share internet with my cousin who lives upstairs and the internet is on his TWC bill. Can I still use the app even though my account doesnt have internet?

  20. A great question that I can't answer with total certainty. I do not believe it will. I believe the Roku uses the same ip address as your local (home) cable TV. It would not recognize the ip address at college and therefore would not work. If you find out, please post the answer.

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