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TLG: Seiki SE42UGT 42″ 4K UHD LED TV Unboxing and Review!



  1. Alejandro Guevara

    I'm trying to look for this tv but when I search I only get Seiki SE42UM, and nothing Seiki SE42UGT. Is it the same TV?

  2. the headphone jack is the audio jack. You can use it to set up a soundbar

  3. I've had a 75% success rate using Philips BDM4065UC monitors in the office. We're driving them off FirePro W2100 cards, though, so the lack of DisplayPort on the Seiki rules it out :(

  4. Hey man great video very informative, just wanted to ask you something. I don't know if you game on your pc much, but I would like to know what your experience has been like with games or fast moving programs. I am from the UK and I am thinking about buying one of these due to good pricing but I do a lot of gaming and didn't know whether these are appropriate. Just heard a lot of people complain about lag/motion blur..

  5. Looks to me that you got one heck of a deal on that TV. Great job….as usual…….with your review. I do look forward to any video that you put up……….every one of them. Thanks.
    ………..and I'm a bit jealous.

  6. Set looks great, nice having all 60 Hz HDMI inputs.

  7. The Geek Redneck

    Had to re-upload this because I forgot a scene lol…

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