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TV Comparison: Sony Z9D Series, Samsung KS9000, and the LG OLED G6P



  1. wow lg oled owners really cant stand being told a sony led is better than there set. go view them side by side over all different content, you will see then that lg oled isnt the best of the best

  2. So LG has the best blacks(which is the hardest color to reproduce for any TVs), best speakers, thinnest bezel and most beautiful design. And of course Sony wins. Thank you for the "professional" judgment!

  3. LG OLED is King!

  4. Definitely Sony looks sexy sleek stylish….

  5. They are all fantastic HD TVs 👍👊

  6. This guy is a Sony fan, his review w is bias. OLED beats them all

  7. he doesn't show the tvs side by side. not a good review at all

  8. korea vs japan

  9. lg should hve won

  10. The Sonys picture is so amazing watching it play hdr content and it's blacks are great. Real difference comes on near black areas which is more common then black in real world viewing and dazzling bright colours. Sonys 1800 nits of brightness make it almost unfair to compare to the 2016 OLED LG which only has 800nits. That extra brightness with the similarly dark blacks of OLED make a huge difference watching HDR content, the difference is less noticeable on standard video.

    The Sony is just way too expensive. Until it goes on sale for like 50% off its unreasonable. At the current price would be in the price range of the new 2017 LG oled TVs which are brighter.

    I'm really interested in seeing the new LG line. The LG OLED B7 has 1000nits now, but I still haven't seen one at my Best Buy. Till then can't decide if I should go Sony z8d or LG B7.

  11. you are wrong who chooses LG

  12. sony

  13. if you would have shown the tvs a little more than you standing there talking we could have seen that the lg oled is hands down better.

  14. any one knows the background music???

  15. sony, cuase of andriod but that may very well blow it also depending on the spec ram and storage., second will be lg for the bezels.

  16. Sony makes the shittiest TV's wtf kind of biased bs video is this… I love sony when it comes to things like their game consoles and even video cameras but even I can admit that their tv's are complete trash

  17. Watching casino blue ray on an oled e6 is an experience of its own man, watching it on a sony z9 is like i have seen this movie 1000 times and i am not going to sit through it again. why i say this? i have the e6 and my neighbor has the z9 and after seeing casino on my telly he was kicking himself that he almost paid the same price for his z9 as i did for my e6….

  18. He's a Sony fan boy how can he choose Sony over the LG

  19. best blacks from a LED set is samsung ks9800 hands down.

  20. I have spent much time with all 3 of these sets and as far as the picture quality the Z9D just looks like nothing else in production. it's next level picture processing. go see it then judge. as far as design and sound LG wins.

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