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#TVReviews@Dinos: Sony Bravia R562C 48 inch Internet LED TV Review



  1. Maicel Mamogay

    thanks for this review I buy this before I review thanks it's nice one

  2. bbbvb

  3. i cant play youtube videos on my r562c tv why pls reply

  4. How to connect iPhone DINO plzz coment

  5. Excellent LED TV! Just a few cons:
    – No Digital Audio Outputs. I cannot connect a Sound Bar or a Sound Base via an Optical Cable / Toslink.
    – Not much HDMI Inputs. Cannot connect multiple devices at the same time. Other models usually have 3 or 4 HDMI Inputs.

  6. Laldingliana Sailo

    Bro is the absence of x reality pro engine visible??

  7. Vemireddy rajasekhar reddy

    Hai i would like to buy a new smart tv, my budget 50000rs. which Tv is best please suggest me , thank you

  8. Swapy Bond - The Biker

    Hey Dinesh,I want to buy a TV like this but my budget is upto 50k, which one can you suggest??

  9. plzz do reply mate

    eagerly waiting to know

    that if thats 60 hz or more than that

    and MOST IMP
    HDMI 2.0 or not.?

  10. KLV-48R552C
    ive got this

    mate can u tell me is it HDMI 2.0.?

    and is this 60hz or more than that,

  11. I want a new tv for my ps4 my old tv sucks

  12. How does it fair with the 48 inch w700c one? Does the x-reality pro make much of a difference?

  13. i bought the 48r552c but it doesnt have the you tube preloaded. can u tell us how to download youtube in it

  14. awesome review bro…the way i really wanted to see it before buying.  Thanks a ton

  15. Try To Review Samsung Tv

    I think That Samsung Have Some Extra Features 

  16. It's a nice TV but… It can't win Samsung's Pop TV

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