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Unboxing RCA 32″ 32 inch TV LED Television RLDED3258A-B HDTV HDMI HD 720P



  1. hey mine came with a red plastic thing attached under the tv, cant seem to take it off. any help?

  2. I got same tv you have. My son sold it to me it. he said he lost remote. I had to buy universal remote rca I cant get any code to work. Are there any ideas ?

  3. Hello

  4. such a useless retarded video

  5. Remote control is a piece… Trying to find a working code for Atlas Control is impossible. 

  6. Nicholas Hamilton

    Does anyone know what the 4 digit code for this television

  7. how do you know if its 1080p or 720p my box says 720p then 1080i? wtf?

  8. does anyone know how to connect this thing to a bell receiver with rca cables.. it just keeps asking me to do a channel scan.. which i have done 15 times now and nothing has happened…HELP PLEASE@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. its a pretty good tv for the price

  10. yup works good

  11. Walmart got da hd one for 240 🙂

  12. Is the TV still up and running

  13. hAS ANYONE FOUND A REMOTE CONTROL CODE FOR THIS TV? I have an Atlas 1055 remote and cannot find a code. I don't need lists but actual working code.

  14. The easiest way just use HDMI. It does the audio and video in one cable plus its HD tv so you want to take advantage of that. then select HDMI through the video options.

  15. Not sure if you still review these comments but if so, how do you connect a ps3 to it? I got one today and been trying for hours tryna connect my ps3. Ive tried both the rca canles plus the 5 cord one. I tried all the aux options but nothing works:/ help!

  16. you need to purchase a dvd player with usb, watch my other video for the blu-ray player i got

  17. Hi, is there a dvd or cd space? or would i have to purchase a cd player, w/ usb?

  18. unfortunately service only

  19. is the usb service only or can u hook a thumb drive into it to watch videos?

  20. hi i made this a while ago, but i don't think this one has a headphone jack i'll double check. it has pretty much every input except that. As well there are 2 models of 32 inch RCA's

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