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ViewSonic 24inch LED Monitor Review



  1. TheEastmanGamer

    Can you hook up a PS3 to it?

  2. sonic+heghog= sonic the heghog

  3. Yeah. I've had 2 and even 3 monitors in the past… It is nice sometimes; however, if you have a large enough main monitor, you really only need one, and it really simplifies everything.

  4. dual monitor a pain :'(

  5. U don't get a cat lol

  6. Monitor speakers never sound good. They're only for people that just want to hear "You've Got Mail". lol

  7. Predatorycircuit

    I need a new monitor.

  8. georgesjunglerc

    Awwww… You don't get a cat? hahaha Great vid Tab! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh yea, and iMac does a all in one thing… For less desk space, just FYI if your upgrading 😉

  10. A big monitor is great. Older flat panels really have come a long way. I'm sure you'll enjoy the new monitors crispness. Especially someone like you w 20/20 vision

  11. what sweet cat you have

  12. do u sale your baby hedgehogs if u do how much do u sale them for if under 200 I might what one

  13. Looks great! I got a Samsung 22 inch monitor and I love it, havent heard of ViewSonic until now 😮

  14. This is my first viewsonic, and I only purchased a brand I hadn't used because this monitor had such amazing reviews, and so many more sold than other companies I looked at. It seemed like a great choice. My 40 LED TV is Samsung, and usually that is the brand I choose, I love their products. LG is good too, but my last LG product was my last monitor which now I no longer use, but they all worked great the LG products I did have in the past.

  15. Nice monitor for my gaming setup i use 2 samsung 24 inch which work great i have used view sonic in the past and they are just about the same

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