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  1. Can the projector reach up to a 150" screen?

  2. Encore1234567890

    I just ordered this projecter from amazon today, down to a fantastic £370 delivered.

    1080p, 3D, 3D glasses and a 3D copy of Wolverine, talk about a bargin.

  3. This projector is ideal for gaming. Zero input lag, instant response rate, 1:1 pixel mapping via HDMI (no overscan) with an RGB source (like a PC or high-end Blu Ray player).

  4. up to 144hz its a beats, exellent projector for the many.

  5. Appreciate your thorough reviews and presentations. I'm a film buff considering this projector. The projector will most likely stay in a living room setting with windows (that will most likely be block during a showing). With that said, what kind of projector screen would recommend for this machine? I've heard you recommend .8 gain (gray) screens for movie fans, is this the case for this projector? Thanks

  6. which is the best option in gaming projectors for playing in ps3? 

    I was thinking about Optoma GT760 Vs Vs VIEWSONIC PJD7820HD BenQ W1070, which is the best? help! 

    I want to play in active 3d with best possible picture definition and cheaply. 


  7. Hi !!! 
    In 1080p (native) can reproduce 120HZ ???????? If the answer is NOT… in what resolution can reprodude 3D Gaming or 120HZ???

  8. Thank you Art, just say full review at your sight. Seems both get great 17ms. Fine by me… Price point is hard to pass up! Between the 7820hd and optoma131xe, seems the optima slightly edges out the view sonic in blacks. Prob will go for optima, but bang for buc… View sonic is awesome. Only point for me is optima has RF glasses and view sonic doesn't .

  9. Projector Reviews, Inc.

    "Need a break from business presentations, how about some serious gaming. The PJD7820HD projector is no slouch, with really minimal lag times. Using our usual file testing, we measured lag times as quick as 17ms or slightly slower. That not all measurements are consistent likely means at least one dynamic feature is having some effect."

    PS: That's referenced against the display of a MacBook Pro laptop. -art

  10. Projector Reviews, Inc.

    Ad St: Below is what I wrote in the full online review (this video after all, is just an overview, and for that matter, the shorter of the two videos on the projector). Check out that full written review (link is above in video description):

  11. Thanks for a good and thorough review. I am looking into this 7820HD or Optoma 131Xe. I primarily game outside at night. The optoma has 20(ish) video lag times. what is the lag for the 7820HD? I've read "relativly low" or 1ms/NO LAG, but no one has qualified this with any specific test. Can you PLEASE tell me a definitive lag #. I am a hardcore-gamer and not hardcore-videophile. A hit in color is better than a hit in video lag for me. Thanks!

  12. what would you recommend for gaming?

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