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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm looking for a budget projector which lasts longer and won't require buying an expensive replacement lamp every 2-3 years, so I started with LED projectors. At first I was in doubt that 500 lumens might be not enough because most of them have 2000 – 3000 lumens, but from your review it seems that 500 lumens should be enough to enjoy movies in the evening. Also I hope that LED DLP doesn't suffer from rainbow effect because I'm really sensitive to various flickerings, I'm even able to see flickering of backlight (so called PWM flickering) on my LCD monitor if it's not set to full brightness.
    It would be great to compare PLED-W500 side by side with some real home theater 720p projector with non-LED lamp in the same price range to see what are the differences.

  2. i have decided acer k330 and optoma ml 500 but its not available in India so i am left with Viewsonic PLED W 500. i saw u r review and found considerable deference between the former and latter put its my only option ..pls help me to decide is the Viewsonic PLED W 500 any good has optoma ml 500.r they pretty similar has many people tell.. pls advice thanks in advance looking forward for your rly

  3. @Andro P We do not own this

  4. Can you email us to discuss? I want to make sure we identify the best choice for your situation. We have a contact form on our website.

  5. Hey, ur review is pretty good… but i'm in doubt about what projector should i buy. I saw that there are several on the market now, so I'll list some that I am in doubt.

    Optoma ml300
    Viewsonic pled-w200
    Asus p1
    Joybee GP2
    Vivitek Qumi Q2

    Which one is best for use with a Mac Mini for watching movies and a PS3?

  6. Yes, the W500 can be mounted upside down, as well as the K330 and the ML500. All three do NOT have lens shift, however they all have keystone correction. If you have any others questions, feel free to contact us via the contact for on our website at Picopros(dot)com

  7. Yes, there is some fan noise with the Viewsonic PLED-W500.

  8. @m3h5l5 They are both quite similar, yes.

  9. Its the same thing as the ML500? or is it?

  10. @maikcook978 I'd like to know the same thing, especially whether it plays PowerPoint animations, sound effects and embedded MPG videos?

  11. Этож клон МL500:)))))

  12. @axphilipxa It's a really good question and a difficult one to answer easily. All three are very nice products. If you email me at paul(at)picopros(dot)com I might be able to help out.

  13. @Picopros So just wanted to know, what would you suggest out of all your testings between the acer k330, optoma ml500, or viewsonic pled-w500. What is the best for viewing TV and videos in terms of brightness and color quality ?

  14. You have the best projector reviews I have found on the net, however one area few people (including yours) cover is what file format's are supported using a flash drive. I am a teacher shopping for what projector my department should buy. From a teacher's perspective I need to know if it can read Power Point presentations, Word or Excel documents from a flash drive. I have found (only by reading the fine details in the user manuals) issues if the flash drive is NTSF formatted.

  15. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. @platinumwayz According to the manufacturer, the PLED-W500 can create images up to 100 inches (diagonally)

  17. How big of an image can you get with this projector?

  18. @displaylou The only real difference would be the slight flesh tone issue with the PLED-W500. By tweaking the settings, this might be corrected. We were unable to optimize this.

  19. Congratulations, for the great review!… Can you compare this Pled W-500 to Acer K330 which you reviewed several days ago? Which do you think the best image output? Thanks…

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