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ViewSonic TD2340 Touchscreen Review



  1. Touch is useless if you only press on the screen. You should have tried to move windows around to see if the windows follow your fingers properly. The screen is not that responsive from what I've seen in this video…which is kind of disapointing.

  2. no mention of vesa !

  3. Léopold Lapaille

    That's probably it, I'm just saying that the review is hardly valid if the screen wasn't even tested at the proper resolution

  4. Léopold Lapaille

    Why exactly does the picture stop a good inch before the actual bezel….? Might be something you want to either fix or, you know, mention.

  5. PC Touchscreens? NO!
    Windows 8 (as is at the moment)? NO!

  6. TheSpacecraftX

    it looks like it gets smeared easily from all of the toutching

  7. Good grammar there Mr. Weel…..

  8. No thanks. using the mouse is much more faster

  9. man…when will there be a touchpad wit 20 points touch, i like to use my feet to a lot of things

  10. kaeyiiii <3 🙂

  11. John Ivar Rubach

    touchscreen screen? 😉

  12. Atendimento MGH

    Sexy accent.

  13. Second

  14. MWA HA HA HAAAAA… first

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