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Viewsonic VP2780 4K – Prosumer-grade 4K that won’t break the bank?



  1. electronics for fun

    who ever wiped down this monitor before the review should be fired.

  2. Nicholas Smith

    What is the benchmark that plays the video on the monitor during the parts where Linus is talking or when the monitor is in b-roll?

  3. My monitor is shit. It's 1920×1080. I want a ultra wide monitor cause my shitty 970 can handle it

  4. As usual Linus misses or purposely fails to mention some important items. If the scaling isn't set up right, it's almost impossible to use OSD because it so tiny. Another thing, why did he not test the Freesync? Tech tip for Linus: more review; less ads.

  5. -TriggerLoft -

    You have Internet Explorer open? Hang on, let me go get my time machine.

  6. Is this IPS or TN??? Confusing…

  7. 0:41 Is that Internet Explorer open and downloading something?

  8. "Desk mounted e-peen extension" LOL

  9. Bradley Trevenen

    what if I just use vSync and want to be productive?

  10. Jordan Johnson (Mighty Burger)

    Watching in 144p for a hint of irony

  11. I won't be popular saying this but I want you to do more Mac stuff! There aren't many YouTubers (or on any platform really) who have such good knowledge, explain it so well, have great production and are entertaining – all within an unbelievably short video

  12. so what would make this a better choice than the $468 Asus 4k monitor from last year?

  13. its only 5ms response, why not buy one thats cheaper and has a faster response time and better stand?

  14. Airbender131090

    Thanks to Linus wathing it on my VP2780 4K right now :)


  16. Christian Knuchel

    Tn panels have never been good. They, even today, still don't manage to provide competition to the colours, black levels, viewing angles or response times of the mainstream display technology of 2000. The only advantage they provide in that comparison is that they are light weight, less bulky, have less geometry issues and age better in terms of sharpness.

    Being perhaps unusually inclined (be snarky and say, "addicted") towards vibrant, explosive colours, I naturally have never been able to become friends with Tn panels, much less so with matte display ones. For years I have been grabbing CRTs on the second hand market, hoping I could somehow outlast the LCD age altogether and dive right into OLED one day, without having to sit in front of a screen with colours that are, perhaps a bit sharply put, hardly distinguishable from a wall painted in a pale shade of gray.

    OLED took too long, or the second hand market dried up too early. Perhaps a bit of both. I had to buy a flat screen, and luckily, came across a second hand Dell U2711. It's an IPS panel, matte though, but wide gamut (A plus on the workstation side of things. It also causes the images of non-supporting applications to be colour-distorted towards being quite more vibrant than intended, which very much fits my taste).
    It's also 1440p at 27", which means that over the 1920×1440 resolution of my CRT, I've even gained screen real estate (in contrast to the real estate I would have sorely lost if I went with a 1080p monitor). As my interest in FPS-shooters and other games of the kind has a history of being rather marginal, the exorbitant response times of the monitor are, luckily, so far more of an aesthetic problem to me.

    Only thanks to an option like this have I been able to carry on with a screen that won't siphon all the colour out of everything in a 5 meter radius, in a vain attempt to display the vague, shady silhouette of an inverted horror show. I am actually quite happy with the monitor I have right now, something I was unsure would even be possible with LCD technology at all.

  17. Was I the only one who thought he said "Desk mounted penis extension." XD Kappa

  18. Austin Evans? Ok yeah, Austin's gonna lose. What's the gonna put in it maybe a R7 250 this time?

  19. so Linus vs Austin? Linus will win.

  20. ElementalsMods

    i thought this said under $500, this is $800 on amazon.

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