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ViewSonic XG2703 Review – 27″ 1440p 165hz G-SYNC | The Tech Chap



  1. @The Tech Chap Hey man, I own this monitor please could you share your colour settings? as I don't fancy spending a lot of money on a colour sypder just so my monitor looks great.BrightnessSaturationetc etc. Thank you.

  2. tn garbage

  3. На монике виден битый пиксель сверху справа около угла.

  4. John Athanassion

    Great video. Can someone tell me the size of the monitor on it's stand at it's lowest setting. From the stand to the top of the monitor? Can't decide to go with this monitor or the Asus PG297Q.

  5. matte finish > gloss finish imo

  6. way to expensive

  7. @TheTechChap Hey bro! Can you help me choose a monitor for my school work and gaming 🙂

    This is the monitor that i like 😊

    Acer R230HQ 23"
    Asus VP247H 23.6"
    Asus VZ249H 24"
    Dell SE2417HG 23.6"

  8. I wish this monitor for Christmas🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. i've had a brief lapse of sanity and decided to drop £1,5k on a new monster gaming pc,
    and i've just dropped another 600 to buy one of these monitors,
    it seems to be about the best monitor around for the games i play,
    you're review helped hammer the last nail home on my decision of monitor,
    so thanks! 😀

    (i looked at 4k but they're all limited to 60fps, and i didn't buy a monster pc to be stuck at 60fps!)

    the one downside of this monitor (vs others) is its 4ms lag time compared to the 1ms of others, but after a google most people seem to say that it doesn't really make a difference.

  10. plz plz plz HELP I want to buy XG2703-GS or Asus pg279q kindly tell me which one should i go for THANKS

  11. It is a bit annoying when people give monitors a negative review because of the lack of ports (but sometimes ignore it on other monitors) It is Nvidia's fault, not the monitor manufacturer.

    Just got this for £500, can't wait for it to arrive.

  12. How much input lag has the pg279q got? You reviewed it also and didn't measure it.
    Different sites seem to have different results.

  13. TN > IPS for gaming. faster MS

  14. dell ist nice

  15. Great review, only i miss the backlight bleed/IPS glow test.

  16. nice setup bro

  17. XB271HU look better


    OLED Panel (with extremely narrow bezels)

  19. Hello,

    what about a Dell S2716DG (TN) comparison ?

  20. would you recommend it for a ps4 pro?

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