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Vizio 32 Inch LCD HDTV 720p Smart Tv Review



  1. Yeah I use a blu Ray player because I dislike lag.

  2. My question does it have dimming problem like the 24 inch version ?

  3. Vendetta Memer

    im going to get the 1080 p version

  4. I have a vizio 32" inch smart tv flat screen 720pm

  5. Which exact model number, I was thinking of buying the VIZIO E320i-B2 32" 720p hdtv for my cousin going to college this year.

  6. Child of yashua

    is it possible to get Google play on it?

  7. Next time at least have something playing on the TV. It's only so much fun staring at the Xbox home screen…

  8. steven pittman

    Hey i have that TV but on mine the picture is always very dark and when I'm playing any dark game its really frustrating and as well as watching movies like the new Godzilla were its dark almost the whole time. When i turn up the TV brightness or even the backlight all it does is make my screen foggy like .. but the picture is still very dark!?! And my contrast makes the color fussy and distorted when i turn it up as well if someone knows why plz HELP 

  9. Dem Drums tho _YEEEAAH

    I know my comment is late but this is a good review. I just got a vizio led tv but mine is 1080p and it is really good for gaming. the response time is like an asus gaming monitor. Not to mention watching tv is pretty dope too.

  10. Black Is The Best

    I'm glad this dude has both systems, a true gamer plays all games 

  11. wilkins gerains garcia peña

    los tv 720p pueden llegar a los 1080p.con una consola de video juegos atraves del cable hdmi?

  12. Yes wifi range is shit…router is 15 feet away in another room & this shit freezes up during a netflix session●●••

  13. How is netflix on this? :)

  14. Nosfarastus Perez

    Do you own a ps4 or xbox one and does far how it work so far?

  15. Im getting this week for my 360 and xbox one.. I have a small room , think it will look better then my 28" 1080p lcd (hanspree) tv?

  16. I might be getting this tv for Christmas. I'm glad to know it'll be with the money. :)

  17. is 720P good enough for this TV? 

  18. What the Fuck, You voice and way of speak is almost the same as the TetraNinja???

  19. FallingFree5144

    it has both yes!

  20. FallingFree5144


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