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Vizio 42″ LED Smart TV Review (Best Value for $400)



  1. Watch out for eBay and Amazon scams buying ANY tv , lots of scams have been going on with both eBay and Amazon …

  2. Baron T. Mckinney

    Try 70 inches!

  3. Does it have the soap opera effect ?

  4. Smart TV Apps won't play sound through my receiver? on the M-Series Help ?? Thanks- Is there a setting- I need to run cables

  5. Is it still working well for you ?

  6. Wats the background song at the beginning?

  7. Do you have to adjust the picture settings?

  8. thanks a lot really help me on decision of getting this tv

  9. but how do the tv channels look like?

  10. You can't remember 4 main button placements for selecting them in the dark?  Sad…

  11. you make me want to get a Xbox One and the TV next Friday

  12. How many star do you giving this tv

  13. I love mines! 😍

  14. Your Tv still working ??

  15. Ricardo “MaverickHunterX” Montes

    What hdmi version is this tv I own one but need to know if it's a 1.4 or 2.0 ? Help please

  16. Thanks I was just looking if you could hook up games to it

  17. Westin Mcclister

    My friend got a 70 inch m series vizio tv like this one and I got a 32 inch to save money and I think mine looks better , just seems to run brighter and cleaner picture – does a smaller tv get a slightly smoother or clearer picture than a bigger version of one

  18. Michael Curatolo

    2 main concerns I have…

    1.) Did you notice any banding on the TV? Its usually best seen on blue and grey scenes, like a sky and clouds.

    2.) Any uniformity issues like clouding? Thanks.

  19. are those giant pixels I see on the TV or what?

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