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Vizio 4K UHD TV – Hands On Review



  1. WizardPlayzAgar.io

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  2. official shinigami

    does this has screen mirror

  3. Good review !

  4. I ordered a 2015 M55-C2 55" TV a few days ago and it's arriving tomorrow! 🙂 I plan on using the 4K for games (Using my PC equipped with an R9 390X 8GB using a DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 adapter with an AmazonBasics HDMI 2.0 4K cable) and 4K youtube streaming from said PC. (Built-in app doesn't have 4K support unfortunately, FW update might fix that) It looks like the TV I bought is newer and I've heard it's actually doing better than the P series. Ordered a refurbished one from Amazon Warehouse Deals for $750 after tax. For people with this TV, on game consoles using HDMI ports 1-4, does the dimming and 4K upscaling introduce much input lag? I know there's a low latency GAME option, maybe for apps, I'll have interpolation on, but on HDMI ports with games, it'll always be off. Since I have a PS4 and WiiU that will sit with my living room 4K gaming PC.

  5. Requirement when buying this TV : Harvard Degree in television tuning.

  6. hold off fuckin dumb

  7. Bridget Lee (Juju)

    THIS IS a crap tv. IT will not last 5 years and your will be advised to purchase a new one. AVOID this brand like the plague.

  8. Great review! Hit everything I wanted to hear/see in under 5 mins! Bravo.

  9. Video 4K m series color calibration

  10. wou this b good for gaming on a ps4 for like call of duty?

  11. does it have wwe network

  12. "If youre looking for the latest amd greatest tech, I'd hold off" If that were the case, we'd NEVER buy any electronics, always "waiting" for the latest tech.

  13. I just purchased a Vizio 65 inch M series 4k and would appreciate any direction in looking up color calibrations for my TV. Im not really impressed from the look I have at my home compared to what I viewed at the store. any help is appreciated.


    living room goals

  15. Ultraflix is way better than Netflix, all 4k content and can stream as low as 4mb/s

  16. Hey Can you guys at least share the settings that you used to get that image quality!
    I want to calibrate mine but i can't find a good guide on how to calibrate.

  17. Hey can y'all do review on the new m series 4k?

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