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Vizio 60 inch tv review problems



  1. singlestraightmale

    How did you fix it?? Mine was one I bought Walmart Black Friday. Vizio denied replacing even though my serial number was one of the one's with the BAD chip set, which affects the Timing Control Board, or T-Con board.

  2. Never had a single Problem with My Vizio. model # E 320 VP LED LCD HDTV until Now. & i had mine 4 over 5 years didn't have a single problem until i discounted My PS3 & my Blue ray player to clean everything out after cause it need to be dusted out & clean up . i put ever thing back together & Now I'm having a HDMI problem now NO signal & it can be fixed. just don't know how much it will cost might be able to just buy the parts & fix it myself. I've fix Video game system before after someone else says they R junk . THese R pretty good Tv's & they can be Fixed. you can get Warranty's 4 these Mine came with a 5 year but it been a little bit over 5 years. so i got to paid

  3. wish I would have read the reviews on vizio before I bought the 65 inch m series 9 days ago- dead after 9 days!!!! taking it back and getting a Samsung!!!

  4. my 47 vizio keeps turning on and off on its own repeatedly, had to unplug it…help.

  5. I had the same exact problem so I called vizio company and they send a repair guy it needs a new motherboard is all.

  6. Viktor Breeden

    My tv does this but I just unplug it and it's fine for about a month it's no big deal to me bc I have warranty for the loan payment plus two years after so if anything needs to be replaced it will be for free

  7. I am having the same issue, Must just be the cheap components used in the manufacturing. What a ripoff. I will never buy Vizio again and would not recommend to anyone. Vizio in a Company owned buy Sony BTW. Im very pissed they got me for over $800. Oh and BAHB420 you are DILDO. Wide Spread issue from Black Friday sales.

  8. You need to calibrate the remote. It will be hard to turn on if you don't do that.

  9. That lot of tv's at that store probably came from the same factory that's why you are have the same problem with the other tv try going to a different type of department store and I'd bet you willn't have that problem minds work fine and also see when it was made what day and what person worked on it they usally have an inspector stamp on there somewhere and a date and time sounds to me you just got a bad batch and that could happen with any brand name tv so don't let nobody fool you on that because everybody has some kind of problem one way or another.

  10. Taneka Williams

    does it have the soap opera effect? I think its called trumotion

  11. stay off on amazon bro

  12. Same problem with my Vizio 60".  It was a Wal-Mart black Friday special.   Called Vizio and they replaced it twice.  Took over a month of waiting for delivery and setup.  The 3rd tv is a little better.  But it pops and screeches in the middle of the night when its not been on for hours.   After explaining to about 8 different people thus far at Vizio for the two replacements, I'm just tired of getting junk replacements too.   Their older TV's seem fine, but DO NOT buy one of their "smart" TV's.  TOTAL JUNK

  13. Duane Christofferson

    Vizio is junk they use cheap components that's why are throw away's go 
    with Samsung LG or Panasonic they last forever. 

  14. Nagaprabhu M Sundaram

    Same for me.

  15. same thing happen to me


  17. rio ian pilapil

    but mine is perform so fast not like yours .

  18. should've turned your iphone the long way to align with the length of the televison

  19. Yo I have the same exact problem. This shit is getting pretty annoying have you found a way to fix it?

  20. The youtube feature on these shits is a nightmare

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