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  1. adam guilbeau (The reaper of souls)

    how is this TV for gaming

  2. Revelation Video Productions

    ok it's now almost 3 years old how is the TV doing I saw this online at Walmart for $650

  3. Donivan Morris

    Was thinking about getting this, now I know I'm getting this. Thank you!

  4. any way to stream to this TV from computer?
    would really appreciate your response

  5. Thinking about buying one of these.. Nice vid.. thanks.. comments are even better 😂😂

  6. You should used that money to do exercise eat healthy.

  7. Fucking high pitch faggot

  8. Gozaburo RoaNoa

    Thank you so much for the review, it was really helpful. 

  9. You could be a great salesman!

  10. Huongxeng Chang

    I'm planning to get this TV and was wondering how exactly the apps work? I have a Netflix account, but do I have to pay for it to work on the TV or do I just need Wifi? answer ASAP pls :)

  11. Can U Make Ah Picture Setup Please Thanks

  12. Nicely done.

  13. If you are having any problems with your Vizio E701I or E601I, go to http://www.shopjimmy.com for replacement parts and help! 

  14. hi i have no youtube  how did u download the app

  15. Walter Cancino

    What is the best calibration for this tv ? I want it the best I can get into? And is the1080p tired on ? Help pls! I have vizio model e600i-b3 I really want the best pic possible pls help

  16. Heidi Malazarte

    I am not electronic savvy but this TV has lived up to my expectations. The price and size sold me.

  17. Just pair your phone/tablet to youtube app on the tv and you don't even need the remote to browse.  Does anyone know if you can pair with the netflix app on this TV as well?

  18. Joshua DeLaughter (PS4 Gameplay Videos)

    Just get the E-600I-A3 from Walmart.  There's literally no difference and it's only $700.

  19. WOW! thanks for the review bro

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