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Vizio 70 inch Razor LED 1080p Smart TV Review (with important info on wall mounting)



  1. goodness..
    why do i have 72 dislikes and 72 likes? what i do wrong? lol

  2. HereYouThrowThisAway Waa

    Anyone have issues with youtube videos are are 1080p on the computer only playing across the TV at 480p sometimes not all the time. I've done the sharpness hack. This issue is intermittent . SUCKS

  3. wow I got so many dislikes….why? what did I do wrong? lol

  4. none of your business.

    I have the same 70 inch vizio tv…..I'm gonna buy the same wallmount…..but before I look at your video I was gonna buy the one that doesn't swivel….thanks for this video review.

  5. Felix DeLeon 3

    great review. it's was funny as Hell in some parts.. thanks..

  6. Ben VeSevgilim

    What is your purpose ? It says in the title about television , but everybody don't see almost never tv.

  7. @HuggiePacino how is this TV working out for you now? any new pros and cons you've came across. getting ready to pull the trigger on one and I'm wondering how is the lag during gaming?

  8. who cares about what some clown says… he just jealous… I cant wait to mount my 70"

  9. https://www.youtube.com/user/jesus4lyfe00 THIS CLOWN CLAIM MY TV ISNT 70 Inches! Well if you assume the same thing…this video is for YOU! https://youtu.be/GJh8QRimJaQ

  10. nigga quit lying, that aint no 70 inch..pleazzzz

  11. Springbeautiful

    Looks nice! :3

  12. ohyouare sougly

    Turn on the light you stupid 

  13. Do yourself a favor and pull up a white screen on this tv. You can go to youtube and see if someone has posted a white screen test. When the screen is white go up close and look to see if you have any white spots that look like dead pixels. This model has issues, took me a few months to notice. 

  14. I think 70 inches is too big for 1080p quality, i have a 55 inch 1080p and it bothers me sometimes when i see pixels. Iwanna get a 70 inch 4k tv lol

  15. Is the Tv hard to install ? Does it need a socket ?

  16. just found this tv for 1100 I think im ganna jump on it. but damn man you should have went to monoprice for that tv mount. much stronger then the wallmart mount tilts swivels and pulls out very far. the thing is a beast I can have my 60" tv damn near 90 degrees off my wall when im in the kitchen. and its only $70.

  17. nice pleying games on 70 inch basketball game id like to play my games on that

  18. I wanted a 60 M series, my wife wants a 70". So it's was to be the M series until the Las Vegas 2014 CES. Out comes the 70" P series 4K HDTV @ $2,600.00.

    The P series is the one i'am waiting on. Still looking for a release date.

  19. Lol he mad only people talk bad about tax time is people without jobs lol why not get back the money they took from you idiot 

  20. Jerwin Barkley

    This tv is a great purchase for the money! I am very happy with picture and sound. Easy to set up also.

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