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VIZIO D-Series LED LCD TV review



  1. That's why there is 4K blu-ray players where you can watch movies in 4K no one cares about cable anymore

  2. Both XBOX One and PS4 do 4K video and the PS4K will be launched this fall and that will do 4K gaming.

  3. How would a Xbox one graphics look like I'm that tv ? Is it a good gaming tv ???

  4. Netflix 4K via Samsung built in app is amazing! Tough to watch 1080p anymore.

  5. Very helpful, thanks. What's that movie called?

  6. Straight forward and what I wanted to know review. Thanks

  7. so can i use my external hard drive on the T.V??? to watch movies or open up files?

  8. The right side of your TV looks yellow or is it something with your video camera?

  9. did you find it wobbly? we hard a really hard time tightening the "feet"

  10. you dont know how to say the word array …

  11. When I press input I put cable box cause that's were I have the hdmi cable but it looks blury

  12. It says 480p how can I make it 1080p ?

  13. I have the same one as you and I connected my hdmi cable but it looks like blury and not ass good as yours please help

  14. how do the speakers sound?

  15. Jay “Hampton214” Simpson

    How does this tv handle fast moving scenes, like sports, is there alot of blur?

  16. Love my 65" 4K with my 4K Netflix and YouTube apps. Simply amazing.

  17. Are you still a trump supporter?

  18. Hey you should look up the 2016 grand Cherokee. They added a srt night edition and are adding gauges from the viper and a new shifter like they've needed to!

  19. I have the same tv. I love it

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