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Vizio E series: Great picture quality for the money



  1. E series or D series

  2. thanks for the review but dude, speak up. Your job is to be heard!

  3. good tv set !

  4. pcFOREVER89100

    Just got the 40"

  5. great tvs. Unless you are going 70 inches and above. you do not need 4k. you can't tell a difference on smaller screens.

  6. Matthew Sorella

    Wt heck its so cheap

  7. Mike Sico (Deathab0ve1)

    my monitor was cheaper and just as good of quality as in the video. proof? well my monitor can only see the max it can see, meaning I can't see other T.Vs quality, but I can be an ass.

  8. Does it have the soap opera effect ?

  9. local dimming is such a brilliant idea and not very hard to implement in technology.

  10. Gonna buy the 43 inch for my room. This TV looks really great. It will be good for ps3, and ps4 lol

  11. Good for cable tv NO good for FREE internet movies because you are stuck with a few yahoo apps that you have to pay monthly for. Same thing for music.
    Does not allow unknown sources so you can not get apps anywhere else so unless you want to pay monthly fees on most of the apps I suggest you find another tv.

  12. How good is the smart tv feature? Can we just plug a roku stick instead?

  13. threesomething3

    bought a 65 in vizio e on black Friday 2014 and today it died. only had it for 9 months

  14. 40-inch e series available at Costco for 344 best bang for your buck

  15. What size tv is that?

  16. Giuliana Rexic

    That's weird…rtings says the local dimming on this TV doesn't work and/or even makes the picture worse.

  17. Can you do something on the Sony x850C for me please

  18. 2012 55" XV Series the only thing USB ports would let me play was Music files and Jpeg photos. Never showed my videos and it never showed my PC Server so I could use it. What good is 4 USB ports if the thing can't even recognize your PC server is running as it is supposed to with DLNA

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