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Vizio E Series LED TV Review



  1. I only had my vizio 12 -15 months and it stopped working

  2. Francois Germain

    Good reviews!!!

  3. viva la France

  4. can't get bottom screen connection apps off screen they randomly come and go?

  5. Great for cable tv but useless for free internet movies.
    This series of tv has only a few Yahoo apps and almost everyone has a monthly fee and has NO option to get apps from anywhere else as they removed the unknown sources option so we could actually get real FREE movies.
    –So my advice is if you need a tv to hook to cable or satellite then this is the tv for you. If you want FREE movies then look for another tv.

  6. does this include the 24 inch e series.

  7. Best TV review I have ever seen.

  8. Is it just me or does this guy have drastically different length arms?

  9. stand does not look like that on my model

  10. I've had the Vizeo E 55 inch for a few months.  I have it wall mounted.  Somthing I noticed…..When I come home from work I invariably find the TV angled and aimed directly at who is, or was, watching it.   I've never had that happen with another TV.  The pictire on the E series is great, but you have to be directly in front of it.  The quality drops sharply and washes out at angles.

  11. When I turn on local dimming or "active led zones" there's a pitched hum or buzz coming from the TV. I haven't seen anyone else with the problem, but its very noticeable. The loudness changes depending on how much contrast the screen is doing at a time. Any help? Because the black uniformity gets loads better with the active zones

  12. Is it 10bit?

  13. I'm off to Costco tomorrow to get a 55" vizio e. Thanks!!!

  14. isn't this tv good for gaming ?

  15. Is it just me or did the colors of the Vizio look bad?

  16. review brought to you by Jean-Claude Van Damme

  17. Great comparison video!

  18. This looks like the best option for the price, but I'm affraid to buy a Vizio TV because TONS of people have reported that Vizio TVs shut down by themselves when watching movies or playing games, especially on M and E series. There's just too many people that say these TVs has shut down problems…
    Anyway, black friday is comming soon and I think I'll spend a bit more for the Samsung H6350 or the Sony W600B.
    Can't trust Vizio anymore.

  19. @HyRoClan I just returned my Vizio M. I'm done with Vizio. Backlight uniformity is iffy (especially with local dimming off) and the blooming effect with dimming on made playing dark games like Dead Space quite unsightly. From what I read and hear the Sony has better uniformity. Looking into that one next

  20. Ok so I'm in the market for a new gaming tv but will be using a ps4 so I want the overall picture quality good as well as low input lag and low motion blur. Best product for the money? Looking at either a sony w600b 48" and the vizio e series 50" opinions? Or maybe even the Samsung h6350?

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