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VIZIO E32-C1 32-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV unboxing and setup



  1. though "tube TVs" went away in like 2008? lol thought 720p was out dated xd

  2. Save Polarbear

    i got one today i loved it great picture!

  3. i just replace my 36 inch sony weigth 200 pound with a 55 inch vizio 4k

  4. i purchased this same tv, i like it…but o nly problem i now have is my remote just came to a stop and wont work, the vizio tv remote…i changed batterys and still nothing..i touched every button and nothing..my cable remote turns the tv on and off and still changes the channels, but only my vizio was able to turn volume up and down and then go into my settings and use my wifi apps…this tv also has no manual buttons for volume which makes it more of a problem..

  5. so he's not allowed to talk over other people's youtube videos, but youtube allows reaction videos, how does that make any sense?

  6. Question, if I may… My Vizio (M55-C2) keeps reverting to it's factory settings – specifically, I'm adjusting the "Reduce Judder" and "Reduce Motion Blur" settings to 0 (they default at 5), and then 5 or 10 minutes later I notice my movie's motion looking goofy again and I check and sure enough "Reduce Judder" and "Reduce Motion Blur" are magically back to 5… (Not powering the TV off or anything, just happens as I'm still watching.)

    Anyone know how to get the changed settings to stay changed?

  7. My house now has 3 flat screens, we used to have 3 flat tube tv's

    Now we have a Vizio 40" inch in the living room
    a Vizio 24" in my parent's room and a
    20" (I think) in our dining room.

    Soon a 32" in my room: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/vizio-32-class-32-diag–led-720p-hdtv-black/3733022.p?id=1219597975060&skuId=3733022

  8. e40-c2 service menu ??

  9. Nice smart tv really like it!!!!!!!!

  10. Is there a way to change the background on these tvs like the box shows? instead of having the no signal black screen

  11. I just want to know can I use a keyboard doing a search with remote is not my cup of tea.

  12. Hey I have recently gotten a Sony sound base and I plan on putting this tv on top of the base. The base is 28 inches exactly. Will this tv fit on top of it or no.

  13. hi

  14. would you be able to use this for Netflix if you don't have wifi my cousin has the same TV and she says it work without wifi. I haven't been able to find out if that's true

  15. would this be good for a ps4?

  16. Thankyou for doing this video. Just ordered mine and its suppose to be here soon cant wait looks like a solid TV love vizios, we got a 42 smart in the lvining room. Nice tvs and affordable smart tvs leds

  17. I just got this TV and I don't have wifi other than my Hotspot on my phone but I want to connect my phone to it. I don't want to use up all my Hotspot and I don't want to resort to having to buy an HDMI cable because then it defeats the purpose of it being a smart tv.

  18. here's my question…could someone fill me in on how to stream from my PC using multimedia app. I can see my PC in network list, but it makes me pull info from a '/root' folder. I can get the usb stick to load and play quickly, but I haven't gotten the pc to stream yet. I know I can use plex, but it's a paid service…and I would have to pay for unlimited JUST to use it without having to pay for it monthly…I don't want to pay 175$…I paid for the t.v…would just like to be able to use it…

  19. Joemckellar2014

    box within a box

  20. Is that the first original Xbox i see at the beginning of it video

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