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Vizio E400i-B2 40″ Lcd Led TV Unboxing & Review My New Gaming Monitor



  1. I bought this same TV a few days ago because it was advertised as having a 120hz refresh rate. It doesn't. Vizio told me today that the refresh rates are only a simulation or as they called it an EFFECTIVE refresh rate. So if you pay for a TV with a 120hz refresh rate you will only get a 60hz . This is cut and pasted from my email after I asked VIZIO why they lie about their TV's refresh rate and if they could tell me how to get 120HZ out of this TV. This is what they said. "There's not a way to change this, no. That's all it will support for input, as stated, that's all it supports natively. The 120Hz is an effective refresh rate using a scanning back-light software. It is not naturally 120Hz, and cannot accept a 120Hz input. If you need our assistance again in the future you can contact us by chat at http://chat.vizio.com or by phone at 877-878-4946 877-878-4946. Thanks and have a great day! Collin VIZIO 800 Stevens Port Drive Suite DD750Dakota Dunes SD 57049 Phone 877-878-4946 877-878-4946 Their support sucks. The TV is very light because it is very cheaply made. Don't buy VIZIO

  2. Cleve Carpenter

    Hmmm…. never seen an unboxing video where they fast forward through the unboxing…

  3. Football Videos

    I got this t.v

  4. This TV is crap! all the colors bleed into each other and looks like your watching everything in watercolor mode. It gets worse if you try to mess with backlighting or any other setting, you basically will have to turn down colors to 15.

  5. Does the USB in play videos?

  6. I'm thinking of buying a smart TV this weekend, and this review helped, man!  Hope you can also do reviews on PROs and CONS… pretty much like a "before you buy" sorta stuff!  I'm subbing!  Peace!

  7. Adán Martivela

    Gonna get this 

  8. Dr. Poogobbler

    Input lag??

  9. After 3 weeks of frustration I am returning the VIZIO E400. It turns off without any notice. The manual is for gamers. The TV has not worked since I bought it. Don't buy a Vizio! I am going on Facebook, Yelp and any others. Samsung is simpler.

  10. Idk why but to me you sound like josh from drake and josh 

  11. I just got a vizio 40 inch smart tv and it randomly shuts off. It's annoying. Can somebody help??

  12. Hello man, I am planning to buy a 40 inch 1920*1080 TV to be my monitor, for a gaming monitor and everyday PC use,

    but the problem is, perhaps i only sit 3 feet away from the TV, is that nice or too big for my eye?

    how many feet do you sit when you're playing games with that 40 inch TV??

    thank you mannn

  13. where did you buy it??? any faults in the t.v since you had it.

  14. The Raging Gamer

    like xbox can output 1080p for real nigga 

  15. Good video! 

  16. I got the same one but 48 inch for only 280$ I love it ended up getting a good deal

  17. I didn't this review was about the box

  18. Is This tv good for gaming. (i.e. call of duty.)

  19. afoxnamed jay (afoxnamedjay)

    how do you mount it to the wall 

  20. Kenneth Dumire

    Great video! I was planning on getting a different 1080p HDTV, but after watching this video I realized that this TV was WAY better than the one I was originally going to get. Thanks for the help!

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