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Vizio M Series (2016) Television Review



  1. You mention the off angle viewing isn't great, but don't bother to explain that's because it's a VA panel. Which means that it has MUCH better contrast and shadow detail than ANY IPS panel or that it includes full array backlighting which is better than any edge lit panel. You are not qualified to review TVs.

  2. What an awful review, it was all over the place, you open by stating the M series is good for those that are budget minded (you know, the entire Middle Class of the USA), state its an obvious upgrade from last gen 1080ps and then you bash it the entire video until the very end when you say it is one of the BEST valued 4K HDRs you can buy…

  3. I recently bought the 55" model (on sale at Best Buy) and love it. I was concerned about the lower refresh rate, but I've been watching the NBA playoffs and it looks fantastic to me. One bummer: casting from the tablet isn't great. Lots of freezing and buffering. Not sure if there's a fix for that somewhere. But overall I'm super impressed with this TV. My first 4K and for the price I couldn't be happier.

  4. They are 120hz

  5. I wish they didn't include a tablet to reduce cost or spend it on improving image quality. I already own 5+ phones and 3+ tablets. I don't need another one.

  6. I seen a Vizio smartcast 65 m series with 240Hz for $1299

  7. Quantum Apotheosis

    Why bother showing the hdr comparisons? this tv does not have a wide color gamut so it makes it useless. I have to admit, the hdr looked pretty good compared to that washed out picture on the left. Makes me feel better knowing that a tv can still look good with a little hdr!!

  8. My only concern is. Their not as bright as other sets I've seen

  9. According to Vizio's website, the 50" has a 120hz refresh rate.

  10. At Sam's Club right now for $998

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