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Vizio M-Series 4K 2015 TV Gaming Review: Hands-On! M50-C1



  1. make sure your using hdmi port 5. it's 2.2, it'll have the fastest display. on my pc it's 4k@ 60hz (60fps) and smooth.

  2. Im glad i never bought the vizio tv. Was looking hard at the 65 inch m series.

  3. I'm gonna go for the 55 incher.

  4. i gave a thumbs down cause this dude is fucking annoying. i have a 55 inch 4k m series. i love it play ps4 b03 all day just turn game low latency on and your good for game play. done bomb ass tv

  5. Like the LG model you have to play around with the settings until it is perfect it may take a couple of days testing and setting but it has to be done.

  6. which one is better the m series 4k or the d series 4k for gaming

  7. The Blur comes from the VA panel found on the 50" version, if you want to game you need to go with the 49" version which sports an IPS panel and has better response time thus less blur. You will sacrifice little bit of Black depth with the IPS but will have better viewing angles. If you want gaming and use as PC monitor go with the M49-C1, if you want just Movies and Tv viewing go with the M50-C1.

  8. Didn't expect much but this was actually a great review. Straight forward and some great info not really covered in other reviews.

  9. Goto your local hardware store and buy a piece of black laminated wood and put it on top of your TV stand – problem solved.

  10. I don't understand why there are so many dislikes!
    I got the 43" TV and it's like this guy says it's a nice TV but for gaming it's really not the best option!
    I haven't watched movies yet but I've watched Anime on Netflix and some of the movements seemed a bit laggy especially when there was a fast movement going on.

    For the price, I think this TV is worth it. But the TV isn't really great. If you want to get it just to watch normally then go for it but for gaming it's really not great.

  11. hi do we need press any button to upscale 1080p to 4k?

  12. You used a wrong input – this is why you see the blurred action!

  13. could you do a this test on a game that runs at 60fps? Fallout 4 on console in diamond city is likely running at 20fps with dips into the teens when shaking like that. Im not saying your wrong about this tv but Im pretty sure every display has vertical tearing when spinning a camera at 20fps.

  14. this is actually one of the best tvs for gaming, turn on game mode and everything should be fine. its just the picture won't look as nice as before. and turn that soap opera effect off

  15. Thank you very much for this honest review. I was thinking about buying this so that I can hook up my Alienware gaming laptop to it, but I simply can't deal with the screen tearing and motion blur. Thanks again, you helped me a lot BIG TIME! Might just stick with my 1080p for now. Peace.

  16. so is the 55" worth buying ? cause i wanna get it and play games and watch netflix ..???

  17. You must be high or something because you cant see the flickering in a tv, only cameras can pick it up

  18. how fast its your at&t internet ?

  19. What does the c1 mean?

  20. Thanks man! You saved me some time and headache.

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