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Vizio M series: great picture for a great price, but that’s not the whole story



  1. manuel calderon

    Guy i need some help, my vizio m5021b1 (recently bought) has a major issue, the retail store said they can change it for the vizio e551d-a0 , is it better tan the m50 or shoul i get my money back??

  2. Manny G. Forever

    Where's the Spotify app?????

  3. best buy has sharp lc-70uh30u a magnolia set  4k  for 2000  great   deal!!!!!

  4. djruinerdotcom

    I bought the M49-C1 and I love it. Primarily use it for light 4k streaming and 1080p upscaling with the xbox one. Love it for games. Low motion blur and great picture quality. What's not to love?

  5. Mario Menoscal

    is that the 70''?

  6. Idk why cnet seems to love Vizio so much. I recently sold my Samsung plasma (the crazy RF signal was messing up wifi and remote connectivity) and I sincerely miss the picture quality. I got the 55 in M55-C2 by Vizio and it was absolute garbage. Riddled with artifacts and discoloration. The judder was absolutely terrible unless you turn every image enhancing feature off, which defeats the entire purpose. Returned after one day. Ordering the Samsung UN50JU7100. Screen will be 5 inches smaller, but at least I can trust Samsung's quality control. Buying a Vizio is always a gamble.

  7. Purchased Vizio M series 49" noticed discoloration on screen returned it to Costco, bought Vizio M series 55" which is the one I wanted but was on back order, moving right along this one has the same discoloration all over the screen, I researched this TV for months before I purchased it.
    If anyone has the M series take a good look up close you may just notice it has the same issue, it can't be only happening to Uno. 
    Back to the drawing board I will not buy another one……

  8. 4K at 60hz?  I intend to use primarily as a display for PC gaming.


  9. vizio does have a nice picture but I question their reliability!!!!!!! if u look at a lot of reviews from comsumers these sets are breaking down , so why dosent cNET , tell u that?why cnet has a hard on for vizio I don't understand?i seen vizio in best buy next too sharp and Samsung and it had the worst picture , the sales rep even told me stay away from vizio!

  10. Don't buy VIZIO products, they make garbage!

  11. What did you find are the best settings to use for gaming? Thanks!

  12. vizio m422i-b1 vs vizio e400i-b2?

  13. Can someone explain Clear Action feature? Does that mean it can only utilize the 240hz feature while it's in 720p mode?

  14. The 50" panel has the same fast processer as the P series(with GLL feature) which may indicate that it might have low input lag. wish we had Leo B results!

  15. How's the lag Time on it for video games

  16. Which series is better? I own a 48" vizio m series. Hows the E series? 

  17. When is the P series on sale in North America… that will be worth the wait.

  18. I've got the 49" M and it's pretty good. I haven't finished calibrating it with Disney's WOW disc yet. The only 2 things I dislike are the local dimming (also a positive/deep blacks), and the noticeable dirty screen effect/vertical banding. I would say the banding is throughout most of the screen (not just on the sides like I experienced with Vizio's 2013 E 42") so at least it's consistent lol! I would say it's closer to moderate than minor but I have a critical eye. It's visible on solid backgrounds while camera pans horizontally such as a green soccer field or a sky etc…but even in PS3's menu I can tell. What I dislike about the local dimming zones is it causes bad haloing around bright objects in a black background. Fortunately during games or blurays this is not noticeable as far as I could tell. During movie credits or the like it would be. Input lag for gaming seems good to me…I'm sure it's in the 30's-40's range but I have no way of testing. Anyone else have banding issues on their 2014 M? Debating exchanging for another one with hopefully less severe banding. Thoughts?

  19. This or the samsung h7150 for picture quality for movies and gaming?? 

  20. Has anyone bought this tv that could give us a review of it after some use? 

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