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  1. drillmusicordie

    Help! Just got the 43 inch uhd 4k two days ago. I have two hdmi cords the best one for my xbox one and the 4K 60hz on my cable box, however wen I press input I only get 720 for cable.. Isn't this supposed to be on 1080p 1260 p resolution .. Uhd? And wen I'm watching Netflix it's on 480 what the hell is goin on?

  2. Did this guy just learn english or what? Build the damn wall

  3. This is not My real name

    Great review

  4. Just a heads up this is the 2014 model with the IPS panel. According to CNET the 2015 model has a VA panel.

  5. Marlene Grandison

    peter tosh

  6. Long time customer of Vizio until today! The P Series 55" has been fixed twice and replaced 2 now. Bought a M series and it was not worth the money. So long as the scene is still the pictures is clear. Once they move you can see all the lag.

    Sound, what sound plan on spending another $250.00 – $300.00 on the sound bar.

    Warranty is a joke. Delivery always late and it is always someone elses fault.

  7. psykosonikwarrior

    Rtings.com does a good variety of tests and that's the only reason I visit the site. Unfortunately, I can't stand much of the commentary. The guy comes off as very biased.

    The way he downplays local dimming, for example, is just idiotic. Full array local dimming does indeed improve black levels and contrast dramatically, yet this guy claims it does nothing for picture quality.

    It's absurd. Most of the industry recognizes how much local dimming helps the picture quality of LCD televisions, but this guy at rtings.com would lead you to believe that it's a worthless technology. Sites like cnet.com, reviewed.com and others talk about what a great feature local dimming is and how much it improves picture quality, but this guy at rtings.com repeatedly downplays it or outright claims it's useless.

    Contrast is the single most important element of picture quality and pretty much everyone in the industry recognizes that fact. Things like uniformity and color accuracy are indeed important, but this guy places way too much importance on them. The vast majority of people are going to recognize differences in contrast much more than the relatively small differences in color accuracy and uniformity we typically see between sets. Over and over I've seen him recommend tvs with inferior picture quality over better looking sets simply due to his strange biases. That's really too bad.


  8. Abdullah jarrar

    Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

  9. Christopher Cox

    10bit colour ?

  10. I'm deciding between this and the SONY40600b…. Which one is the better overall choice?

  11. great review. went into some depth 🙂

  12. i have a question, i have the 32 inch version of this tv with a 1080i hd cable. when watching tv and playing on my xbox one i notice very bulky and blurry pixels in dark areas (sometimes elsewhere). also colors like red and blue especially purple have a weird reflection/glow around them. can this be fixed or changed in anyway, help is appreciated :)

  13. good detailed reviews helps out alot thanks u have a subscriber keep it up…

  14. I bought the M series today. What a pleasant surprise. I bought my first HD TV 3 years ago, was a Panasonic viera plasma. I loved the TV however it broke last week. I went to best buy today and wanted a TV for around 750$. I got a 50" M series for 600$ on sale and wow, I love it. I always thought vizio was a very budget TV. I was told they've been around but just came to Canada recently and that I won't be disappointed. 

  15. I'm finding you reviews very enjoyable to watch my only question is do you fully calibrate each TV before reviewing and if so what is your process? Thanks and keep up the great work! 

  16. Would you reccomend this TV over the samsung h7150? I plan on getting a 65" size, dont care about price difference, main thing that makes me think vizio is the full array vs edge lit of samsung, but whats the overall better TV for picture quality/deep blacks/uniformity? Also how does the p series compare to the h7150?

  17. Is the local dimming the same as "active led zones"? I just purchased this TV and am wondering if this is the same as it lists on the TV " active led zones", just want to know if I should turn this off as you recommend?

  18. these are really good tests. i would suggest doing a bit more in the animation and edits department to make this a more interesting review, but you have great content.

  19. Nice, looks like i'll be staying away from this crap tv :)

  20. so would you say the E Series is best for gamers ?

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