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Vizio M-Series Review And Calibration



  1. Great color calibration settings! thank you!

  2. just got one. I do like the stand.

  3. TheNerdyGamer83

    my TV looks so much better now, glad I watched your video

  4. Thank you. Used your settings and after a few minor tweaks, the TV looks great. Thanks again.

  5. Good review. I'm going to wait for the 2016 version and I'll jump on that

  6. Nice review!! I will receive mine tomorrow and have saved your review for calibration. Thanks again.

  7. Charles Vallance

    Got my M50-C1 yesterday works great!
    Good review, thanks much.

  8. I bought the LG 43 they upscale if not all of them and the picture is like no other once you see it there is no going back I can only guess how good it will look when there is content out there come in. I'd buy one you will be glad you did.

  9. Glad to see you back man!

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