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Vizio M Series TV Review



  1. Andres Padilla


  2. Great video. I was on the fence with Tv brands. All the reviews say that Vizio is a top contender and nothing but positive feedback. Although, I was hearing about most of the apps were soul American.

  3. Hey is this tv still working good? I wana get one

  4. One of the big tests for any LCD/LED is how much the picture washes out when you move to the left or right of center.  You showed a good example as you moved around to the side while on the Netflix menu. It seems to do pretty good at keeping the washing out to a minimum unlike the Vizio E series.

  5. Daniel Williams

    where u get ur wire cover please, looks nice

  6. Just bought the same TV but not 3D, gotta say I'm very satisfied and in process of buying the Vizio 42" wireless 5.1 sound bar system… Once again very pleased,Vizio TV's are Great!!! 

  7. I bought the same tv but 50'" for the same price on black Friday, 499$.. I give this tv an 8/10.. This tv is best to be viewed at least 10 feet away or more. It took me almost a month to get the settings picture calibration just rite. The tv is pretty good for gaming , just make sure you have it on game mode. The gray uniformity is a bummer, this tv already developed gray uniformity, i know this is a common thing for LCD LED tv's, only time i notice it is when camera is panning from left to right at 24fps on light colors, for the general public this won't be a big issue, but since i focus on every detail is kind of annoying, on vibrant very contrast images you won't see it at all, for example most indie movies you will see it or on some channels from your cable provider. overall this tv is great but next purchase i will take my time and check some professional reviews on current tv's. 

  8. Was it difficult to mount it? 

  9. MrMathboi Reborn

    Anyone know the best picture settings for this m series TV? 

  10. what settings do you have the tv set on?  how much adjusting did you have to do to get the best picture

  11. I had a vizio  razor sharp backlit hdtv       42in   well it fell and I opened it up  not one led      IT HAD COMPACT FLOURCENT TUBING FOR A BACK LIGHT    FRAUDE??? 

  12. That picture qt is sick!

  13. So is this a 3D tv as well? I noticed that you said it comes with 3D glasses…

  14. sowmya shamantha

    Hi @hazards280 Thanks for the video. I just bought this TV and was wondering how I can update the firmware. My current firmware is 1.3x, whats the latest firmware?

  15. Hey persons have been asking you about MKV and external hard drive support, but you haven't been answering their questions. Could you please say if it does support both?


  16. Does this tv show Mkv files or 3d files straight from flash drives

  17. If anybody's interested in buying a Visio I would wait until the new M-series comes out later this year. The new M-series will be backlit with local dimming. I had this TV that he's demonstrating and I took it back a day later because of the edgelit debacle. Watching dark scenes in a movie like gravity you can see the led edge lighting on the side which I do not like. And as far as Vizio being better than Samsung, I think not. Just remember you get what you pay for. 

  18. 9 month later, any problems. I'm thinking of getting one.

  19. is there a black border around the screen or is the screen edge to edge display

  20. fernando garza

    Is the screen reflective like a mirror or is it more on the matte side? My living room has a decent amount of light coming in.

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