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Vizio M651d-A2R 65 Inch M-Series LCD Review



  1. That thin wall mount is sweet

  2. The remote control is garbage. I love this tv it's the best I've ever bought but the remote sucks!

  3. ben Perkins (bigbuddies)

    Should buy this after 10 years…

  4. yes best video

  5. I just bought this same TV and would like to know if you have any recommendations for Color Calibration. thanks so much

  6. I owned this television and the motherboard blew out within 24 hours returned it and spent some extra money and purchased a Samsung

  7. Lcd or led?

  8. Its so laggyyyyyy.. Video quality looks nice though. I only trust lg since samsung tvs are unreliable and lower brands like vizio can also be unreliable. Sony is nice but way too overpriced.

  9. If this style of TV set was available in a 32" model would you recommend installing one of those inside of an old style entertainment cabinet with sliding pocket doors; a cabinet built 10 years ago to hold old style CRT TV sets?  I have such a cabinet with pocket doors with a 27" JVC CRT TV set in it but that set needs to be replaced.  That set measures 29.5" wide; some of the 32" LED HDTV sets measure 29.1" wide.  That size set would fit into my cabinet but would I be able to use all the set's connections; including the ones on the TV set's sides or would it be a tight fit? 

  10. gamingbeast2011


  11. Thanks to the vizio my life is more updater. 

  12. Angelic Warrior

    Could you do a tutorial on how to set up the tv like when you first turn it on? How do you program it??

  13. what settings do you have your tv set at? Im getting the M702i-B3 and want to make sure i get the best picture possible

  14. I got the same tv and the picture setting i got looks Horrible can u tell me what Picture Calibration u Have?

  15. this video was super helpful. you have a lot of really good information in it, and especially the android media player. ive been looking for a tv that has all the media apps that i use and there just isnt a tv out there that has it. thanks for the great review!

  16. Can you stream stuff from your computer onto the tv over wifi?

  17. Pity it does not support MKV formats. What device can I attach  to play such formats?

  18. is this good for gaming?? lag input?? any problem???

  19. Where can i get a remote like that with the keyboard?, i just purchase the 55 inch and it is sweet.

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