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Vizio P Series P552ui-B2 Ultra HD Television Demo And Review



  1. What a GREAT review. Please become a TV reviewer.

    I'd love to subscribe to your channel. And pay for it.

  2. Nice Video I have the same TV I just got it a few days ago. I use it to play (4K@60hz-yes you can really do it) gaming with it and it is really nice. And of course to do 4K production and recording. It's my main monitor and I have a 24 in Vizio as monitor 2. I'm just glad that I have not had any problems. 1080p@120hz is not bad either, and playing 2160p@30hz wasn't bad as well (for gaming). But TV you can watch up to 240hz*(depending). All of this is done on HDMI port 5. Soon I should be posting actual 4K Gaming videos/images on youtube. I hope it will be a very good experience. Sorry about my long wind lol. Thank you for the video.

  3. Its way too dark and looks like a cheep old tv ..look at the jackets at 12;40 they are just black with no definition what so ever
    My main gripe is my Vizio is too dark and no mater how much I tinker with the beast it just does not lighten anywhere close up to the HD its capable of …for me the frustration continues …woe is me …alas …

  4. roysstrangevideos

    How it look for a Computer monitor

  5. Dominick Maddalena

    Thank you so much.

  6. psykosonikwarrior

    It looks way better with the local dimming turned on. I can't believe anyone would be so picky about a small amount of occasional pumping to the point they would rather deal with inferior contrast all the time. But, hey, to each their own. It was a nice review in any case.

  7. Stephen Hernandez

    i loved this specific review. you werent just just rambling and had a clear ideas and solid choices to show off this model of tv. how we'd see things shot on film vs. Red, old and newer streamed and bluray movies. it was perfect.

  8. Thanks!

  9. VIZIO 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD OVERSTOCK SALE!

  10. Well, this sucks. My TV has stopped working. Power light on the bottom left comes on but the screen remains completely unlit, completely black. Called tech support they had me do one thing (which I already tried): unplug TV from the wall, press and hold power button for 30 seconds, then plug in again. Still nothing. They have sent my info to a repair man who must come by with repair supplies. They say this can take 5-6 days. This is just great…

  11. Hi, did you by any chance came across "ultraflix app" on this vizio 4k. I read about it having all 4k content and can stream 4k movies as low as 6mbps. It has many free contents. Could you please give a video quality feedbak. I'm contemplating on buying this one this summer sales. Thanks. 

  12. First off I want to say great video probably the most in depth video out there for the p series. I have a question though, would you say that the p series is future proof? Seeing as this is all relatively new tech 4k i mean. Do you think the p series is ready for future content? And again great video! 

  13. I cannot find the help in my menu, i need to clear the memory , its getting me really aggravated

  14. Thanks for showing that array dimming thing, I don't think I'll be getting this after all

  15. The Twisted Reaper

    The reason why your getting that flashlighting effect is because the 55in model isn't a VA panel its ips meaning it's black point isn't nearly as good… For some reason the 55in model is deferent from the rest but your best bet take it back get a 50 in model with the VA panel or go up to 60in because all 55in panels in the series will have that issue. Just thought I would give you a heads up… Btw awesome review one of the best I babe seen so far. 🙂 

  16. So compared to SAMSUNG 4k what do you think and which one would you buy? 

  17. great in depth review i have the LG 49UB8500 4K 120HZ 3D TV i was wondering if u could give your opinion on picture settings for it i'm constantly messing with the picture lol any ideas would be greatly helpful thanks bro -Mike

  18. This review was the most in depth. and I appreciate that!

  19. SavingPvt_Highon

    Im on my 2nd 55 in Vizio p series and im not very happy. I returned my 1st one because on a white background, there was a lot of clouding going on. I got my 2nd one and its even worse. Im ok with the tv flashlighting but the clouding effect im experiencing is unexceptable. My screen looks terribly dirty on a white background and its all i can focus on.  im not sure if im going to try on a 3rd tv. Out of the hundreds of reviews i read i never heard about this clouding issue and i some how got 2 tvs that seem defective. 

  20. Do you think by any chance that the Vizio TV you purchased might be a little defective with the Local Dimming LED Zones? In the girl with the dragon tattoo clips its obvious that there's some latency issues with the time it takes for the LED Zones to recognize when they should or shouldn't light up. I've been wanting to buy this Same P Series 4K Vizio but the 50 inch version since before black friday but this is actually the first time I hear about there being a potential problem with the local dimming & Ive read & seen a lot of reviews too. Idk if its a potential deal breaker but If so would you say that issue happens often? You may also never know if the unit you received is slightly defective if you have never replaced it with a new one either.

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