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Vizio SB2920C6 Soundbar Review



  1. Aleka Alexander

    How to use the used port

  2. Brady is Clutch

    Some questions, I have satellite dtv, a ps4, PS3, an a 2015 4K vizio tv, with all these hookups the tv sound speakers work for all, do I have to connect to the tv or satellite box to sound bar, an do I have to disconnect an reconnect to playstations when I want to use them or will it work for all 3 like tv speakers?

  3. Jesus Andres Sierra

    i put out more watts

  4. MafiaTheViper Ent

    Dumb Question – i have a 50 inch smart tv do i have to buy a 54" sound bar for it to work on my tv or i van get the 29" sound bar for it??

  5. I've noticed that Visio has released a newer version of the 2.0 29" SB. The original version has the model# SB2920-C6 while the newer version has the model# SB2920X-C6 (note the added "X" of the newer model). They seem absolutely identical in appearance. The only difference I've been able to find is that the newer 'X' model includes one less cable- the Digital Coaxial Cable. The SB still has the Digital Coaxial input interface, but the cable to connect it is no longer supplied. Since it is likely the least used of the inputs among typical users, I'm guessing this omission is simply a cost saving measure. However, I'm wondering if there are any technical "under the hood" changes to the newer version. Are you aware of any?

  6. Can I use this for just a laptop with bluetooth? Or does it need to be connected to a power source like a TV or Computer

  7. Bobbi Jo Ledwig

    how do we turn the bluetooth on the sound bar off?

  8. Priscilla Clanton

    I just this and plug it as stated, lights blink on bar, but no sound. What should I do?

  9. I have a 40 inch Samsung smart TV from 2013. Would this give better audio overall than the TV speakers? I'm guessing yes, but just want to make sure since this particular soundbar doesn't have a subwoofer.

  10. How is the bass on this sound bar?

  11. My soundbar was working fine yesterday now it won't cut on. Any ideas, I have the one in the video

  12. my sound bar won't connect to Bluetooth

  13. Christopher Morris

    It's a good little soundbar that puts out decent sound if the damned thing would actually work right. Lately, I can turn it on, and then after anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, the sound cuts out. It's still on, but there's no sound. I moved my cell phone away from the general vicinity, and I'm on the right setting input which is for the supplied optical cable that I'm using. The optical cable is not bent or damaged in any other way. Any ideas? 

  14. Reasons #2 and #4 are the exact same thing so you really only have three reasons.

  15. Is there a way I can use this sound bar with my ps4?

  16. I'd like to have one with 3d sound

  17. Love it

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