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Vizio SmartCast M-Series M50 Ultra HD 4K HDR Smart TV Review



  1. Great video, thanks for the info. One question: does the smartcast app output 4k video?

  2. Does it have a full web browser to use with Chromecast and Google PlaY?

  3. Excellent review :). looking at purchasing the Vizio M80-D3 80-in. SmartCast™ 4K Ultra HD from Costco and this one looks to be a true 240 HZ tv and not an upscale like some other brands usually do like LG's true motion.  Wondering if you got any feedback on this specific model which seems very similar to the M50 ultra HD? Trying to find an 4K tv that's over 80 inch will kill your wallet hence why the threshold right now for an 80 inch is pretty reasonable.

  4. 120 mega hertz. 120hz* only at 1080p. at 4k its only 60hz

  5. The TV keeps losing the network connection. We have Comcast. How do we set up the cable on the tablet or on the TV? This is frustrating! There are no instructions in the TV manual.

  6. Just bought a 60in. Vizio 4K HDR smart tv yesterday. Its different, but I like it. Using phone and tablets as a controller. I have a question. In order to watch 4K. I would have to get a dvd-4K player, right? So, anything coming from my digital DVR cable box doesn't out-put 4K?

  7. Very helpful. After seeing this review, I went out to bestbuy to buy one. I payed 649.99. Thanks for the great review.

  8. ALW4YS 2 CL0WN!N

    Hey man thanks for this video Very well explained i subscribed because you seem like a cool guy. I already knew all the Info because I did my research because I purchased this tv, I should be getting it in 3 days. Although when you said that the tablet was still crisp and clear because its projected off the tablet that was a question nobody could seem to answer so Thank You for answering that.

  9. hey there. I just got the vizio m50d-1 and I'm having an hdr issue. I'm all hooked up properly in hdmi 1 with my Xbox one s and subsampling is on. on the xbox display settings everything checks out but on the displaying info in the TV settings under HDR is says "NO". any explanation for this? I'm a missing something?

  10. Looking to purchase the 55". I've had issues with a vizio in the past in regards to the picture quality on xfinity cable. How is it?

  11. Just bought Vizio M55-D0 – 55" Version which comes with Better Speakers and Best Buy has it for only $50 more then 50" Version

  12. I have a vizio 4k TV m series 50 inch. I'm trying to connect the app to my TV via WiFi but when I pick my internet & put my password in it doesn't connect. do you have any idea why that could be

  13. By any chance do you know if the chrome cast is pushing 1080 or 4K?

  14. Horrible review, it's Youtube and all I see on this review is your face, why not talk and show the TV's capabilities? Seriously way to much talk and not enough viewing of the TV, you know the Vizio……………..

  15. David Paul Rosato

    I have a Verizon service for my tv. Is there anyway that I can select the channels I watch and not have to go through all the channels listed in the guide. Basically setting up a Favorites List either on verizon or the SmartCast Tablet ???

  16. I need a tuner to hook up my cable to the tv since I have a coaxial cable but no input on the TV can u recommend one

  17. Shipped the POS smartcast Vizio back and bought a 2015 P series for less money. I can cast to this tv, watch movies from a hard drive hooked up to the usb port, has a remote with a keypad. Vizio has lost their minds …the new smartcast tv is worthless the remote the comes with it is crap… the app was designed by a Moron. the app has limited tv controls…no keypad so you have to scroll thru all the channels. The usb ports are non fuctional…so no movies, pictures…ect. So this P series will be our last Vizio due to the stupid decisions to dumb down there tvs and home theater monitors. Also a word about the Vizio smartcast tablet…. keeps on loosing sync with the tv….frustrating as this was supposed to be easier to use. bottom line just hook up a hdmi to your cable box and use the Vizio smartcast as a dumbcast tv.

  18. This guy looks like Dave Pensado lol

  19. just picked up the 60 in version yesterday at Costco for 749 typing this comment on my remote now while casting your video on my tv. I love this lol . any chance we can add memory to the tablet? gonna try my Plex server next. thanks for the video.

  20. How sturdy is the tablet. Having 3 teenage boys running around, things tend to get knocked over. Is this tablet strong enough to take a few drops from your lap while sitting on the couch or is it going to break the first time it lands on the screen??

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