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Vizio’s E series review: Unbeatable picture quality for the money



  1. This TV is trash software wise though. Terrible as a smart tv

  2. Nice tv. No problems.

  3. But sucks because you can not add other apps from unknown sources to get better apps

  4. you cant label the TV channels.  And there is no favorite TV function.    If I had only 20 channels that would be OK but when you have over 100 that is unacceptable

  5. Yet, I'd still going with the Sony w800b ,

  6. Guillermo Ziaurriz Amieva

    wich one its better  vizio serie E or serie M?

  7. Just ordered the 42 incher after seeing all the reviews and comparing to the Samsung models.

  8. ten thousand two hundred and fifth!

  9. Just got a 65" for 800 at SAMs club cause it was a 2014 not new 2015. I'll take it. 

  10. Vizio, Samsung, LG, and all Chinese brands equals garbage!!! i would never buy any of there TV's!

    Buy Panasonic or Sony Japanese brands with the best build quality, components and picture!

  11. I want a 4k version of this…

  12. I bought the 2014 E-Series 48" version in March from Amazon for $569.99 with free shipping and I absolutely love it ♥.

    Although the remote layout sucks, and it supposively advertises '120hz refresh rate' (when it clearly doesn't) you'd be hard pressed to find a good deal and quality at that price point.

    Highly recommended.

  13. M series review please!

  14. utubehater666lol

    this or samungs …32 inch un32h5500 2014 one?   the Samsung is also edge lit wich 1 should I get?lol

  15. second

  16. Bernardo Salinas


  17. first

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