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  1. Don't buy 4k tv until u know its 10 bit chip ,, 8 bit chip don't work with netflix
    (That's all he said in 4 and a half minutes. Save your time after reading this comment )

  2. too late…

  3. Jack_bandicoot

    Michael De Santa voice !? :v

  4. Give My Opinion

    I will get 4k in 2018 when TV is not $500.00 of course will be 8k crap

  5. Georgie Tamayo

    He's on dope…. That's why he's wearing sunglasses lmao ….

  6. all that 10 bit chip does is add color's and pixels on screen it doesn't have anything to do with compatibility all 4k tvs is fully compatible with all 4k content

  7. 4k tvs with HDMI 2.0 has the 10 bit chip

  8. Mohammad Mehdy


  9. Come on. Its not only about pixels guys. I have a 50 inch TV and I can see the difference between 4k and 1080p from 8 to 9 feet easily. The 4k picture looks more life like and have deep solid colors. I don't believe in all this math stuff honestly. The difference is evident between 4k and 1080p.

  10. Gaming Palooza Empire

    As a Samsung rep at a Best Buy, what I can tell you is that, yes, some Samsung panels are definitely 8-bit, delivering 16 million shades of colors while their are a few 10-bit panels which deliver 1.1 billion shades of color. The 10-bit panel delivers 64x more color. That allows for WAY more detail on HDR content. The 2016 SUHD Samsung models should all have 10-bit panels. A very interesting thing about UHD televisions is that some read HDR content but will not display it. Apparently, all of 2015's Samsung "S" models have 10-bit panels except for JS7000 and JS8000, which I just found out about recently. I'm still not exactly sure on that information because I thought for sure that the JS7000 and 8000 had 10-bit panels, but Samsung does not give out that information which doesn't help out. The great thing about the JS8500, 9000, 9100, 9500 is that they are hardware upgradable and they already have 10-bit panels guaranteed. Those are the TV's you definitely want to go for. Another very interesting fact about UHD televisions in general is that there is two refresh rates…. yes two… 1080p and 2160p do not tune in at the same refresh rate. If they report a panel at 60hz, most likely its the 4k tuning in at 60hz while the 1080 tunes in at 120hz. If the panel is, in fact, 60hz at 1080p… your 4k resolution will be 30hz. But… remember… 4k resolution pixels are 4x smaller than 1080p, therefore the motion will look the same as the 1080p refresh rate. With that being said, 60hz in 4k looks just as good as 120hz in 1080p.

  11. awesome

  12. that funny; ););)

  13. my money is my money no thanks4

  14. Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin

    are you blind?

  15. who is this clown

  16. Needs to get out more and stop playing in your room which is on another planet since you said your not of this world

  17. Lmfao nerds and what they argue about get some pussy bro

  18. What's with all the nasty remarks (who wears sunglasses indoors, etc)….My take is, if you don't like what you see, move on!

  19. Shivaram Ananatha Subramanian

    haha.. this guy is joking… thers nothing calld 10 bit.. 😀 bits group in eight multiples

  20. Shivaram Ananatha Subramanian

    haha.. this guy is joking… thers nothing calld 10 bit.. 😀 bits group in eight multiples

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